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You have a unique opportunity to test your detective skills. Different levels of the cases are in front of you. Everything happens live, with real cases, in real rooms. In teams of 1 to 5 players solve puzzles and obstacles, you find hidden objects to within 75 minutes to solve some of the cases of murder, kidnapping, theft or terrorist attack. Players will find themselves in a world of intrigue, secret codes hidden items, in a real room, in live. Test your skills with teamwork and detective spirit. You've probably seen movies and series like CSI, Castle, Spooks, James Bond, Law & Order, Homicide and others, and you are also trying to solve some of the cases. Now you have the ability to actually do it, alone or with your friends,in live. There are no restrictions on age. You can come with your friends, family members, colleagues from work or college. It is important that you like detective films, series, novels, and will surely enjoy in our detective story. We will try to help where you need help. The aim is to have fun and enjoy the challenge.

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The age limit is practically nonexistent. However, if you have less than 15 years, you can not autonomously participate in this challenge, and the team must have someone older than 15 years. The only reason for this limit is the complexity of the puzzles, obstacles and the cases themselves.


Appearance and size of rooms will remain secret. In any case, the rooms are large enough that the entire team can work. You can take part individually, or you can come with your team. It is much better to pass this challenge with the team. Maximum team may be five people.


We are here to give instructions over the Motorola that are needed to continue where you stop. We will answer any of your questions or direct you in a way that will be interesting for further play.

Price per team is 4,000 dinars.


All cases are based on real stories, but some of them are adapted to the game

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Some photos of successful teams

Feel like you're a real detective

I played with my colleagues this game and I have to admit that I'm impressed. It feels like you're a real detective.

- Zorica, Belgrade

Super game

So far I've played over 30 escape games. This is a really different and it's great. Very heavy and real.

- Peki, Subotica

Great fun

Together with colleagues from the university I played this game. An incredible feeling. Super!

- Milan, Čačak

I can be a detective :)

I was so taking the role of a detective that I really could do. Escape room is great! One of the better and heavier.

- Ivana, Novi Sad

Super, Super, Suuuuper!

First, the game is great. Second, the people who welcomed us and led throughout the game are great. Everything is super, super, super !.

- Ana, Šabac


Tactical house - Escape Room - DBA

  • Trebevicka street, number 43, Belgrade


  • +381.63.1292921 (available on viber and whatsapp)

Trebevicka 43, Belgrade


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